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DENON AVR / Spotify Connect / volume control

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DENON AVR / Spotify Connect / volume control


There have been lots of similar posts in the past but none of them resulted in fixing the problem. So I decided to start yet another thread.


I use:


- iOS 12.1.2

- Spotify app

- DENON Receiver AVR-X3500H (but other DENON receivers are affected too)

- Spotify Connect: inside the Spotify app the receiver is selected directly in the "Connect to a device" dialog (i.e. AirPlay is not used)

The following problems occur:

1. The receiver only changes its volume with every second press or so of an iPhone hardware volume button.
2. The jumps of the receiver's volume changes are much too big. This would still be the case even if the receiver reacted to each press of a hardware button.
3. The second problem also occurs when using the volume silder inside the Spotify app.


I already discussed this problem with DENON's customer support but they redirected me to Spotify.


So instead of sending DENON + Spotify customers around it would be very helpful and much appreciated if DENON and Spotify could work together in order to fix this problem.

Thank you very much!

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Re: DENON AVR / Spotify Connect / volume control


I'm having similar issues with a Denon AVR but with the android app instead.


- Android 9.0 Pie

- Spotify App

- DENON Receiver AVR-X2500H



The adjustments are just way too high at the moment and without a limit it is possible to damage your equipment if you're not very careful. I accidentally held the volume up button for a about a second and the AVR shot up to full volume causing distorsion in my speaker. Not good at all.