Daily Mix on Denon Heos fails


Daily Mix on Denon Heos fails


I can start a Daily MIx on my Denon Heos system using Spotify Connect.

But when I first start a normail playlist (which works fine after the latest Denon Heos update), and then try to switch to a daily mix, this will not work. My speakers stay silent. When I switch to my iPhone I do hear music. Back to Heos speaker: silent.

Switching to a normal playlist: Fine, msuic again

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I have the same issue, very disturbing

Re: Daily Mix on Denon Heos fails

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If you say "daily mix" do you mean the new "mix tape" function on the mobile apps? Because I have similar problems with my Denon Heos HomeCinema and Heos 1. I can play all kind of playlists and songs to the Heos, but when I want to play the "mix tape" it either can't connect or when it connects it shows a playing progress with no sound or it black outs the current track info and album art.


Highly annoying, since I really enjoy the mix tapes and wanted to hear them via Multiroom in the house :(