Delete or "unlink" devices on spotify connect


Delete or "unlink" devices on spotify connect

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Hi everyone !

First of all, happy new year and best wishes. Let's make this new year as best as we can for the Spotify community ! 😉

Okay so now, let's try to explain my current problem:


During a party, I have used my spotify premium account and linked it to a Bose soundtouch system in a friend's house.
Everything went well, but after a while, I realised that people could use my account to play songs they wanted, and worst, that they could accidentally select my private Soundtouch devices at my own house, miles from where I actually were during th party.

No need to say that I was kind of scared my parents would have a panick attack in the middle of the night if that happened. Hopefully, it didn't happen. I left the party, and made sure to disconnect and everything (clicked on button " disconnect from all the devices on the profile page on the web, even changed my password (just in case) ).


But now, my problem is that the soundtouch device I was connected to at my friend's house is kind of "linked" to my Spotify Connect devices.
Now I am kind of scared to select their device accidentaly. (same problem but different perspective)



I would like to know if there was a way to "delete" a specific device from the list on my computers, and smartphones / tablets .


I have searched a bit on the forum, and might have seen something about a similar problem, but was not able to find a concrete solution about that problem.

I guess it was on that post:


Anyone could help ?

Thank you for your help ! Have a lovely day

Kind regards,



Enc.: screen shots of the list of my "linked" devices and where I have clicked on the "Disconnect from all the devices" button


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Same problem here and it's annoyingly also the case that the remote device can assert control of my desktop Spotify; pause and play happening from time to time.

Update: Removing all remote devices, logging out everywhere and resetting password appears to have worked. This was the Spotiamb 0.2.1 issue/exploit that many others appear to have been affected by.

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So I guess for now the best way is not renewing my spotify premium account? ...

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Hi, this might help.!/article/how-do-i-remove-my-offline-devices


If that fails use THIS to request someone at Spotify to do it for you.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it's not considered as an offline device.
I have sent a request to the team. I will let you know ASAP !

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I have the same problems, speakers as: Bose and Denon do not appear on the list of Offline devices.

Were you able to get a solution to this?


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I have unfortunately never found a solution except not renewing my Spotify premium subscription 😕

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Dear my friend,

i solved the problem now !

Just login to your Spotify Account at the website, then go to "account overview" and click "sign out everywhere". You had to login in every device manualy again.

Best reguards




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I see that a solution is posted by hembolive. But I want to tell you that I use the Bose or Sonos app when I want to join a friend's speaker(s), and it does not create the same dilemma. Those apps only recognize or control speakers on the current wifi network or local bluetooth. The playlists and songs that I actually played on the friend's speakers continue to be available to others using the local speakers, but nothing else about my account is accessible to others.

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hembolive's solution does not work. I connected to a Samsung R1 speaker at a New Year's Eve party to play some playlists. The day after, I realized that I was still connected even though I was no longer on that wifi network.


I followed the instructions and signed out everywhere. When I sign back in, the Samsung speaker is still listed as a connected device and I can select it and play to it.


Any advice?

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i had same story , used a speacker from a friend while doing renovations now i gave back to him....and i see his hole speacker set up from samsung (6speackers) 😕 wierd but ok

i've done 
1 disconnect all devices >> doesnt worked;
2 change password? its linked with my facebook .... ok so i changed facebook password >> doesnt worked
3 >> 2+1 ? >> still not ok ....
4 >> facebook settings privacy > disconnect all locations + spotify rights >> stil not ok 
:@@@@ getting realy mad !! >>> writing mail too spotify....

5 >>>> i see an option , set a password... perhaps i can try this too.... + number 1...

Set a password for your devices

Set your device password to use Spotify on your Sonos, Squeezebox and a whole heap of other devices.

MIRACLE all the devices are GONE!!!
i hope it stays this way.. but its worth the try