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[Desktop][Subscriptions] Save your company


[Desktop][Subscriptions] Save your company

Casual Listener

Hello community members, this is a public formal letter to Spotify.


Dear Spotify,


It has become apparent that you may need to take action in saving your companies profits. It is my belief that you are losing profits because people are not paying for your service. I personally believe that people do not pay because they get enough features for free. It's enough for them to put up with whatever they don't get and just leech off your library. I'd like to explain why I enjoy spotify premium so I can highlight some of your selling points.


I find new music through several sources, Spotify being one of them. I enjoy building a library but especially like that I can select which songs, albums, or playlists are available offline, and then stream whatever isnt when I am on the go through my phone. The quality of the music and the ease of access (not finding a crap version on youtube or having to hunt it down on itunes) is exactly what makes spotify so great.


People say that streaming may be on its way out, but I actually believe that it's on the brink of being the next biggest thing! Just like VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs will become clutter as we move our entertainment library to the cloud and to hard drives. Even MP3s will become a hassle. I'd hate to see Spotify go under because not enough users find the value or point in paying money for the service.


I hope I have offered some ideas. Good luck!