Different Equalizer settings depending on playlist


Different Equalizer settings depending on playlist


Hi! As a spotify user I love to use the equalizer. I like to adjust the equalizer depending on the kind of songs i'm listening to. (As most of us) However an Idea popped into my head yesterday. 

I want to be able to save different equalizer settings. So I create an equalizer specific for let's say calm piano music. Save it and "put it in" on that specific playlist I want it in. So whenever I go to THAT playlist the equalizer settings I made for THAT playlist they will be applied. And when I feel done with calm piano music, I might want some heavy bass music like "Old town road" by Lil Nas X. Then I click on my playlist where most of my bass songs are. And then THOSE equalizer settings I made specific for bass songs will apply. Get the idea? It would make everything easier and the music quality would be so much better! (Instead of always changing the equalizer for the best possible quality)


just a suggestion from Emil from Sweden. Thank's for reading!