[Discover][Bug] Songs consistently re-appear in discover weekly with a 6 month interval


[Discover][Bug] Songs consistently re-appear in discover weekly with a 6 month interval





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This post is meant to emphasis the bug aspect of the problems presented in this post:


After using to catalogue my listening history for over two years, I have discovered the underlying cause for repeats in the discover weekly playlists. It seems the system used by spotify only traces back 6 months of listening history after which it decides on what music to give you in the discover weekly, meaning that it will consistently choose songs from previous discover queues because it doesn't take into consideration more of your listening history.  How do I know this?


I've saved all of my discover weekly playlists, and have discovered that whenever I get a repeated song - it was last given to me in a discover weekly about 6 months ago. The reason I post this today is because only 2 out of 30 songs in my queue were new to me, and the rest were repeats.


More importantly, if I check my scrobbles, it seems that ALL of the repeated songs were from the same few discover weekly playlists generated 6 months ago, in my september 2020 discover weekly lists - some of them even in my March 2020 lists also. If a song was repeated in march 2020, it was also found in september 2020. This means that spotify discover weekly is consistently re-generating the same discover queues with a timed interval. 

Here are some examples from last week's discover playlist.







And it only got worse this week, with the same pattern repeated yet again. Over half my songs are repeats, and out of those songs, every single one of them is a repeat is from 6 months ago, or 6 and 12 months ago.


I don't know how many times we need to post about this before spotify realises that this is an actual reproducible bug. The thread  linked at the top also has several examples of people coming back, even years after the claimed fix was rolled out, to say that it still isn't broken. Well, here's your proof that it's a systematic error. 


So you tell me - is this not damning evidence that there is a reproducible bug? Come on, I literally had two consecutive discover weekly's in which 95% of all the songs were repeats, and all those repeats were in the same playlists either 6 months ago, or both 6 months AND 12 months ago.  

After increasing the price for your service, fixing one of the core features of your program should be a priority, instead of just pretending like you fixed it.

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Re: [Discover][Bug] Songs consistently re-appear in discover weekly with a 6 month interval


Hey @Digamma,


We really appreciate you taking the time to post this detailed information.


We've passed it on to the right team who are going to take a closer look.


We're currently not aware of a wider issue with the DW playlist. Users have indeed reported issues with seeing the same songs in their Discover Weekly in the past, but this could be for a number of different reasons, and we haven't been able to narrow the issue down sufficiently.


The example you've provided us with does, however, give us enough to go on in order to pass it on to the relevant team to look into - we'll let you know as soon as we hear back from them.


Thanks again! Do let us know if you spot anything else in the meantime 🙂

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