Discover Weekly suggests songs with wrong names


Discover Weekly suggests songs with wrong names


The Discover Weekly feature sometimes suggests me songs with Chinese-like characters. At first, I was thinking that those are legit song names just for the Asian market or as a joke. Today I've clicked on one of such songs to see what is it, and it wasn't visible on the artist's page. The album cover, however, resembled one of the albums that were present on the artist's page. After a quick lookup, I noticed, that the song seems the same as one of the songs from the album but actually isn't according to the share link.


Here is how the song title is visible in my library:



The equivalent song is `Watch the fire` by `W.E.T`. 

ID of the weird-looking song: spotify:track:4hkGgCoSm0hu51lBBC8MK5

ID of the "normal" version: spotify:track:4ZmzDh8cJ1Qf8hWgCe181l


I see that the web player shows the correct version, but on Android and Windows it is broken, can I do something about it?