Don't have Discover Weekly playlist


Don't have Discover Weekly playlist


- Subscription: premium through family plan

- The account is registered in Mexico

- 4 weeks using Spotify, tons of songs and albums "saved", daily listening


I have checked:

- under "Playlists"

- under "Browse"

- Directly searching for "Discover Weekly" in the search bar (I get a ton of results, but those are user created playlists)



- I DO have the "Daily Mix" playlists



- Spotify Player in Linux

- Web player (Firefox, Chrome)

- Spotify in Android

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Re: Don't have Discover Weekly playlist

Spotify Legend

Hey @androvich,


Thanks for reaching out!


The best is to continue listening to music. It is possible that Spotify did not receive enough listening data, and could not suggest any music for you in a while. Also, keep in mind that if you listen in "Private Mode," Spotify may ignore your listening, thus not having anything to suggest for your weekly discovery.


We also suggest you unfollow your Discover weekly playlist and then follow it again 🙂


Let us know how you get on! Take care