Don't include radioplays in random mixes


Don't include radioplays in random mixes



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 I have children who are too young to have their own Spotify accounts.  Therefore, I have tons of children radioplays in my library.  The result of that is that when I play a random mix of my library (which is the default Google Home "play music" action), it'll happily play music interleaved with random radioplay chapters.  Of course that's completely annoying.


How can I get rid of that?  I mean, radioplays and shuffled playback is never ever sensible.  If I request a mix, I always want music and no radioplays!


So far, the only possibility I see is to remove all radioplays from my library.  I can still stream them by searching for them instead navigating to them via my library.  The only problem is that as soon as I download a radioplay album (for example when going on a trip with the kids), it'll be added to my library automatically thus I have to remember to remove it again afterwards.


But I guess there might be a better way.  At least I've subscribed to several podcasts on spotify as well, and there has never been a podcast in some random mix.  So here spotify seems to be aware of that including a podcast in a mix makes no sense...

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Re: Don't include radioplays in random mixes


Yes, this issue is getting very annoying lately. My mix of the week, four of my six random mixtapes and the playlist with 'favorite songs' are filled with randomly selected, single tracks from radioplays and audiobooks. This is really useless.