Downloading playlists, 3 devices - please introduce a lag before deleting!!!


Downloading playlists, 3 devices - please introduce a lag before deleting!!!

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I think it's a nice improvement that we can finally manage our offline devices ourselves, also I couldn't find the right place to post this as it's strictly not a bug. 


My gripe: PLEASE introduce a lag before you delete all the files from the device!


I had 3 devices set up, one had become redundant (got upgraded), of course on the own devices page all 3 showed todays date. So it's Russian Roulette as to which one you click delete on (all Android devices). Of course I click one, and boom, it was the wrong one, and all songs on my main phone are gone, 100's of songs, 1000's of MBs need to be redownloaded. Why isn't there a 15-30 minute window before the files are all nuked while you juggle your offline devices around? I've had this multiple times in the past when switching around offline devices. Surely when it says "you've reached your limit" you should have an option like "If you do not want to loose your files on this device, click 'KEEP' below the most recently added offline device will be removed instead". Or something like that. 


Side gripe: I don't know if it's just me, or my ISP, or something else, but I'm finding the songs soo slow to download via my ADSL connection, I'm well aware for file sizes and transfer rates etc, and the rate in which these are coming down is rediculously slow compared to what it should be. Then, when I switch to my 4G hot spot, they fly down, a song every 10 seconds. Very very limited sample size I know, but I have found this in the past with other connects around the place as well, wondering how wide spread this experience is?

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Re: Downloading playlists, 3 devices - please introduce a lag before deleting!!!

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Hey there and thanks for your question :)

Do not worry. I can help you with this issue.


You can always download Spotify over other connection if it's faster. Spotify should easily use all possible speed available. For example on my Cable modem 100M/5M desktop app downloaded stuff for Offline near 50 Mbps / second or even more up to 70 Mbps. Even if my speed is actually 98M/4M, Spotify seems to not use all speed (possible because of restrictions on Spotify servers per user).


How fast is your ADSL connection?