Duplicate Albums that still stream but are not on Artist profiles


Duplicate Albums that still stream but are not on Artist profiles

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It is the latest instance I could bring to light, but for a while on lots of music I've happened upon I'm either thinking "maybe I forgot to add it to a playlist" so I drag it in again or "maybe I forgot to add that to my Your Music" so I check the plus icon. But after that happening over and over again, I thought I was losing it. I can't imagine how many albums do this. I know the drop down to get explicit or deluxe versions but this is a different scenario where the albums don't exist unless you've previously added them to a playlist or starred them.


Here's where I KNEW something was weird...


this exists:




and this exists:




That second album doesn't show up on the artist profile but tracks are still accessible..


Here's another example;








Do you know how certain I was sure I was going insane? Like pretty close until I stopped and did a bit of detective work...


Is this going to be a thing? Because I have RE-added a handful of tracks lately that has basically been disappearing from my playlists and Your Music, but not really, it just seems to materialize into a different album...