Error Linking Spotify to Tinder


Error Linking Spotify to Tinder

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*Sent to Tinder support, thought I'd try here to*


Trying to link Spotify to Tinder, every attempt ends in "Error Loading - Something went wrong! - Check Connection and try again". I press "Okay" and am returned to my profile. Now where it used to say "Add Spotify to Your Profile", there is an ominous swirly loading circle. Upon backing out of editing my profile and going back in the circle disappears to be replaced by "Add Spotify to Your Profile" and the cycle continues. I have tried using Wifi and Cellular Data neither work but have full functionality in any and all other applications.


Heres some info:

- My phone is a Google Pixel 3 running the latest software.

- It seems the connection process IS getting initialized and the "Error Loading - Something went wrong! - Check Connection and try again" is not pointing in the correct direction. Upon a failed connection between Tinder and Spotify I am able to go into Spotify account settings and revoke Tinder app permission in my Spotify account. If connection was the problem how would this permission that I've given in Tinder app go to Spotify?

- Revoking Tinder app permission in Spotify settings "resets" something, I am able to get further in the process then simply "loading screen" - "Error Loading - Something went wrong! - Check Connection and try again". Upon permission revocation of Tinder in Spotify I can proceed to one of two screens depending on if I'm logged into Spotify or not. One will let me log in to Spotify on Tinder the other will recognize that I'm logged in and let me give permission to link Spotify and Tinder. Alas, after this "bonus screen" the same error message pops up.

Here are my attempts at solving this:

- Uninstalling and reinstalling both Spotify and Tinder.

- Logging out of all active instances of both Spotify and Tinder.

- messing with various settings in both apps and on device to no avail. (maybe I'm missing something).

I thank you for any and all help you can provide. I hope I have explained the problem in a fairly succinct manner, if you have any questions ask away!


Edit: Seems very probable the culprit is android 9 compatability, let's hope it get's a fix soon!

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