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Error from 3rd Party Money Manager App


Error from 3rd Party Money Manager App

Casual Listener

I have a financial tool app called Mint that helps me manage my money spending and to help calculate and schedule due bills. Spotify was in online bill tool that would connect and tell me what my bill was and when it was due. A very helpful app that I find of great use. It had kept saying that my Spotify account had a message from Spotify that I needed to resolve before it wouldn't sync the account back up and continue displaying my bill due and its date. It takes me to my Spotify account page and there's nothing there besides an ad for the family plan which I don't want because I already use the Hulu with Spotify plan. My password and logging in has zero issues but it keeps saying this eveything I log into my account through Mint to connect my Spotify account. I've already contacted Mint and they said it's a Spotify side issue not working with them for some reason. This tool is extremely helpful to me and not having my Spotify account added to my billing schedule throws me for a loop. Are there any workarounds or is this a direct to Spotify kinds issue.