Error playing a specific song


Error playing a specific song


So I was just listening to my library, and when the song "Show Me How To Live" by Audioslave came on, I noticed that the general sound quality is just poor; the song plays quieter than all the others in my library, and there is an obnoxious popping sound that persists for pretty much the whole song. What gives? I don't notice this with any other songs. Is this something on my end or is it an error with Spotify?

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Re: Error playing a specific song


Hi there.

It's not the first track I found having this kind of problem (from all mono tracks to badly normalised tracks)

So i will notify you on this topic.


BBK - Ole - Original Mix - spotify:track:1IHbO3sSRNCe5QbJUGFeBc : Good duration, missing parts of the song (blanks)


Okay, I played this from browser and then from the application on my PC, it's now working.

So in my case, that's not a serious failure linked to the file, forget about it.