Explain me the web player


Explain me the web player


Hey guys,


so I am right now in the webplayer (firefox, but doesn't matter). What is the song shown on the bottom, the last one I heard (if I heard Song XX on phone does it show it there on webplayer on PC?)? And what's meant with the songs/albums "Jump back in"?



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Hey @Rawrlex


Thank you for asking 🙂


The song that's shown on the bottom of the screen (bottom-left) is the last song you played on Spotify (on desktop/mobile/web player). At least that's so in my case. If you play something on mobile client and the web player is open, you'll see the track playing there too (just visually) - that's because of Spotify Connect. 🙂

This article explains the feature, but it's basically a tool for playing Spotify remotely on a variety of devices.


'Jump Back In' section is just bringing out the albums and playlists you have listened to recently, or some time ago. So if you'd like to go back to some certain playlist/album/song, it's a great shortcut!


If you have more questions, feel free to ask! More than happy to answer 🙂

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