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External screens go black when logging into Spotify Web


External screens go black when logging into Spotify Web


I have a rather strange problem. As soon as I log into Spotify Web using Chrome, my two external screens go black. Windows still recognizes the screens and I can use them, they are just black. When I log out of the Web App, the screens go back to normal. I am using a Lenovo T470 running Windows 10 in a docking station with 2 external Eizo screens. Using Microsoft Edge, the problem does not occur. Also it does not always occur. I had it a few times in the past, but was not able to connect it to Spotify. The problem usually went away after tinkering with on/off and the cables for a while. Today it occured again and seems to now be here to stay. I tried incognito mode and deleting the cache with no success.


Tl;dr: External screens go black when logging into the Spotify Web App


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Re: External screens go black when logging into Spotify Web


Hey @xscoex, help's here.


That's odd. Does it matter if you have any of the other monitors as the main monitor? 


We suggest that you disable hardware acceleration on your Chrome:

  1. Go to Chrome meny on the top-right
  2. Click settings
  3. Click Show advance settings
  4. Under 'System', uncheck 'Use hardware acceleration when available'.
  5. Restart Chrome

If that doesn't help, you may need to reset your Chrome. 


Let us know how it goes!
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