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False Reports Playlist


False Reports Playlist

Casual Listener

Hi there! 
As the title says, my playlist (Well, it is a playlist of a friend,as I want to help him) is getting false reports constantly, which results that the title, description and playlist image need to be resubmitted everytime this happens. 
Because of this, the playlist is not in the Spotify playlist algorithm anymore and it is bleeding followers since, as followers see that the playlist has a blank title or see that the title and such changes a few times a day. (They might think my friend is going crazy or something, as they don't know what is going on)
This is very frustrating, as you can imagine.

There is already an ongoing issue for weeks now and reaching out to Spotify, did not help realy, as with every report the cycle begins again. 
I am 100% sure this has nothing to do with copyright or something and my guess is, is that someone is trying to prevent the playlist from going bigger, searches for the term "Lo-Fi" and attacks the bigger playlists, as the one of my friend.

It seems that the word "Lo-Fi" can not be used in the title, which sounds weird, as there are a ton of playlists with this in the title. 
I think the Spotify report system is broken and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
Maybe register the IP-Addresses/names of the accounts reporting the playlists and block them after 2 reports (after seeing that the reports are not grounded of course). I know this is not waterproof, but it is just an idea. 

Anyway, I did my best to descibe this issue as short as possible. 
So is there somebody that could help us with this issue? 


PS: This is the playlist: