Family - How to handle your home-audio-environment?


Family - How to handle your home-audio-environment?


Hi there,


I`m currently using an Apple Music Family-Account and now testing Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify 'cause I want to hear Music over Amazon Echo Dot and WebPlayer. 


I struggle to switch to Spotify (which I like most of the three candidates) as I don't know how to handle the accounts at home… We are using amazon fire TV, amazon echo dot, our iPhones and MacBooks (and apple TV) for listening to Music. The echo dot and fireTV can only be linked to one account… but each of us wants to listen to his music on the phone if we are at school or work… 


So how could it be handeled, when the person at home wants to listen on echo dot or fireTV - maybe the daughter wants to play her music in the living room over fireTV and I want to use the echo dot in the kitchen…  Sometimes later my wife wants to listen to her music in the livingroom and the daughter in the kitchen… etc.


I can't switch the login every time? Any ideas how to solve this problem?