Feedback on Denon CEOL Piccolo: Do not buy!


Feedback on Denon CEOL Piccolo: Do not buy!


Hello, I'm posting to give some feedback on the Denon CEOL Piccolo. I was really happy when I received it today, but it did not last long... It is a complete disaster:


1) Spotify integration is unusable: As soon as I am connected it totally freezes. After some reading it seems it is a problem when having lots of playlists (I maybe have something like 100 playlists which does not seem a lot to me)... This is quite unacceptable.


2) Spotify connect is not compatible.


3) Browsing the menus is slow and the remote control feels unresponsive.


4) 3 times out of 4 my usb stick it not recognized! (Tried with at least 5 different usb sticks).


5) The Denon Remote App (Android) is a joke...


My conclusion: Never buy this useless piece of crap if you don't want to be disappointed ! I'm returning it back...

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Totally agree, it's an expensive piece of crap. The CEOL also doesn't connect to my NAS properly and is painfully slow. Very disappointed!

After returning my Denon CEOL I bought 2 Sonos play 1 and it works so well. Super easy to setup, great apps, really responsive and great sound quality. It's a bit more expensive but so much better!

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I've got two of these units and I operate them via the (frankly terrible) Denon app for Android. 


By and large the units work OK...although there were major teething problems initially, largely due to the app not recognising everything that was on my NAS, along with the lack of the Sporify integration in the app; I did at the time wish I'd stretched my budget and gone the Sonos route.


The app it has to be said is a major let down, especially where Spotify is concerned, and I tend to find it's simpler to create/amend/configure playlists on my PC first afterwhich they will show in the Denon app.


The app has got marginally better; it's stable but lumpy.