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From a platform to another suffle restart


From a platform to another suffle restart


Plan : Premium

Country : Quebec, Canada

Devices : iPhone X, Sonos Play:1

Operating System: iOS 12.1.2 - Spotify V- and Sonos V-9.3.2


Issue : 

I don't know if this is a Spotify or Sonos issue, but when I switch the platform from which I listen my playlist with, the suffle kinda restart. For instance, I'm starting a playlist on shuffle in my car and listen to it with Bluetooth. Then, when I'm getting home I want to continue de same playlist (on shuffle) but I want to listen to it threw my Sonos Play:1, then the issue occurs. Some of the songs I listened to in my car are coming back in the shuffle as if the suffle of my playlist restarted.


I think the issue occurs also on Spotify TV and with Xbox One, but I'm not sure


The thing is, if I started a playlist on shuffle on a platform, I want to be able to finish it on any other platform without having some songs I already listen to, coming back in the suffle.