Ghosts songs in my playlist


Ghosts songs in my playlist

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My playlist has several more songs in it than it does state on the Desktop version. I found out about the problem when I added the song with this uri in the playlist: spotify:track:3OjX9fHFTAmLyaNBAR3Quw. This song doesn't appear in the playlist, but on the Web Player it adds 1 song to the total songs numbering. Also on the Web Player, the song can't be found. When I add this song a second time, it prompts me to decide wether to skip duplicates or to add all. So apparently, this song is already in my playlist. Btw, this isn't an issue with the option ""show unavailable songs", because I tried to turn it off and on multiple times, restarted Spotfiy, and also, Spotify Web Player isn't showing the song. Ctrl + A and then delete, does delete all song but, except these "ghosts songs".


The specific playlist is this one: spotify:user:teunnis:playlist:15LrW0vxL2WOeeUhiOhUUR

It has 63 songs in it, but Spotify Web Player says 71, although only showing the 63 songs. And one of the eight "ghost songs" is spotify:track:3OjX9fHFTAmLyaNBAR3Quw, because when I add it, Spotify prompts me to decide wether to skip duplicates or add all.


Is there anyway I can completely clean up my playlist, without deleting the playlist (I have several subscribers and don't want to lose them)?