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Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


Windows Desktop ver is

Android is

Problem remains.


Desktop doesn't see Chromecast at all - nothing under available devices

Android sees Chromecast but will not connect as described above


Spotify is the absolute only app on either platform that doesn't work with Chromecast




Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify

Casual Listener

43D7DA44-F604-40C9-89A9-398671C8FFE7.jpegYes. But the app versions are not the problem here. It’s Spotify’s integration of Google Cast. It’s the ONLY app that consistently does not work with Google Cast devices, patriculatly Google Cast groups made of multiple devices.

Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify

Not applicable

Confirmed for my cast groups as well tested from the following devices:

Android 9

Android 8

IPhone 8


Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


Can also confirm that spotify have stopped working on my chromecast setup.


It has worked fine last 3 months, from all my three ios devices until today. Played music this morning and now im experiencing the same issue as described in previous messages.


Im running

macbook with ios mojave

iphone 8

iphone 5s

Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


I have the same problem when trying to cast Spotify from my phone or from the web app. All other apps are working with chromecast. When I try to connect Spotify, it briefly looks like it's starting to connect, but after about a second, chromecast returns to the home screen and Spotify continues to play from my computer or phone. 

My phone last updated Spotify yesterday (on Android 9)

Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify

Casual Listener

From time to time I have the same problem.

Casts fine from other apps but Spotify cant connect. Does not work on any of the Chromecasts from any device.

Last time my friend had the same problem at his place, this is an issue at Spotify.

The app stays at ”connecting”. Works fine to play music in my phone.

Last time it worked the day after. We still have to see when it will work again this time. Router/device reboot does not help.


Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


I have the same issue exactly as described above.



Galaxy S9

Chromecast Audio


What I've tried:

Restarting everything

Uninstalling Spotify

Factory reset of Chromecast Audio



Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


Yes, still waiting for a solution here, 6 months on

Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


I just encountered the issue after a factory reset of my phone. When I do a cast using Android (swipe-down, select cast) the sound is ok. When I attempt to cast from Spotify I hear a beep that a connection is being made, Spotify says it's connecting, but music keeps on playing on my phone.


I noticed a difference in the Spotify UI after the reset. Current version with the issues:

Version on my tablet working fine shows version

After manually checking for updates in the play store an update to 8.4 was installed, and the issue was resolved. 

Re: Google ChromeCast not working from Spotify


Im having the same issue. Spotify wont cast to any device and It seemed to start just recently. I know this is an account issue and not a device issue with my phone or chromecast(s). My wife (who is on my family plan) is able to cast to all of our devices without issue. My phone wont cast spotify and my google home wont cast spotify. When attempting to do so it indicates the connection i.e. soundbar light blinks, or google home makes bing noise, or chromecast will show spotify logo but then timeout and return to home screen, but does not play.