Google Home most of the time only plays Arabian music


Google Home most of the time only plays Arabian music





United States


Google Home Mini


My Question or Issue

This has been very frustrating for me.   Most of the time I ask my Google Home Mini to "Play Music", "Play Spotify", or "Play Music on Spotify" it ends up playing Arabian music on Spotify.  I really have no idea why.  I am not Arabian and have never listed to Arabian music, except when Google Home tries to force me to.


I do not have anything against Arabs, but I have a growing dislike of Arabian music since Spotify keeps trying to force it on me.


You can ask Google to "Never play this song again", and it will note that and go to the next song, which is always also some Arabian music.


Here are just a few of the playlists that are played when I ask Google Home to play some music on spotify:

Urban Arab Pop By Spotify

This is Patron By Spotify

Best of Arab Pop By Spotify


I typically listen to American Rock, Pop, Rap, 80's, 90's music. I do listen to some Turkish music, which is in no way related to Arab music.


How can I stop Spotify from playing Arabian music when I ask my devices to play music?