Google Home "Play music LIKE Artist" should start Artist radio


Google Home "Play music LIKE Artist" should start Artist radio

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The Google Home Assistant supports a few quick commands to play songs/artists.

The issue is they don't work the same, and they don't work intuitively! 


"Play song X": this starts Song Radio starting with the song you asked for. Unexpected behaviour (bad). Should only play a single song! 


"Play song like X"this starts a Song radio starting with the song you asked for. Expected behaviour (good).


"Play artist X": this starts a playlist featuring only songs by that artist. Expected behaviour (good).


"Play artist like X": this starts the same playlist featuring only songs by that artist. Unexpected behaviour (bad). This should start Artist Radio.


I've seen these issues addressed by users over and over again, but they either never get an answer, or the response totally misses the point. Please improve the Voice commands for Google Home for Premium users, so we actually get what we are asking (and paying!) for.

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Re: Google Home "Play music LIKE Artist" should start Artist radio


I have not yet figured out how to play the Radio Stations I've saved to my account on Google Home.  However, using the Play "Song Title" (and apparently "like Song Title", though I have not tried it" should give similar functionaltiy.


However, I think the reason you are getting more songs played after Play "Song Title" may have to do with the Spotify Setting "Autoplay" being on, which automaticlaly plays "similar songs when your music ends".  My guess is, without that on, it will just play one song (and may both commands will do that).


I wonder if the "similar songs" played are based on "Artist radio" or "Song radio".  When I do this in my car via Apple CarPlay by playing the last song in the list of saved songs by a particular artist, I definitely get "Artist Radio".  Have not figured out how to do a "Song Radio" in CarPlay yet. Not 100% sure it matters.


I just think these smart assistants need to get smarter.  I should be able to say "Play Billy Joel Station" or "Billy Joel Radio"  or "Pressure Radio" to any of the various assistants, and it should either just work, or at least work if I have previously set up the station in Spotify. -John

Re: Google Home "Play music LIKE Artist" should start Artist radio


This problem actually makes me consider cancelling my premium subscription since I can get this functionality by having a free account and asking for an artist. On a free account all you need to do is ask for an artist and it will start a shuffled playlist including that artist.


Please make a command to play an artist radio for premium users!


Re: Google Home "Play music LIKE Artist" should start Artist radio


This is not a smart Assistant issue... This is absolutely a Spotify issue.  I'm currently evaluating Spotify in lieu of Google play music simply because my teen daughter wants the collaborative playlists with her friends that Spotify offers.  Google music does all of this voice instruction via Google home very well.