Help! My Spotify won't play the full song


Help! My Spotify won't play the full song







iPhone 7, Macbook pro

Operating System

iOS 12


My Question or Issue

I've been listening to spotify all day without issues, but all of a sudden it started speeding up the end of the song I was listening to and skipping to the next on the playlist without the first song finishing. This is happening both on my macbook and iphone. I tried to see if there was a setting that I accidentally changed and i updated the program on both devices nothing is working. Help! 


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Re: Help! My Spotify won't play the full song

Spotify Legend

Hey @glasg1la.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Let's try a quick reinstallation first. You can read here how. If it doesn't help, could you please send us over the URI of the track. Let us know as well at which point the playback doesn't work properly anymore.


You can find the URI when going into the Share menu on desktop and then choosing Copy Spotify URI.


Let us know what you can find. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!