Heos wireless speakers on multiple spotify accounts


Heos wireless speakers on multiple spotify accounts


Hi there


My Setup:


- Router: Ausus AC88U (active 2.4 and 5 Ghz wlan)

- Heos AVR - Wired network connection

- 2x Heos 1 - Both wirelessly connected to 2.4 Wlan band

- 2x Android Smartphone - Both logged in with different Spotify premiums accounts (member of Spotify family, one of which is family admin)


Expected behaviour:


- When connected to 2.4 Ghz wlan I expect to see all heos speakers as available devices on both smartphones


Actual behaviour:


- With one of the Spotify accounts (not the admin), I only always see the Heos AVR. I never see the two Heos 1. However, when I log in on this smartphone with the other Spotify account (family admin) I see all devices.


My Questions:


- I don't get it. spotify connect enabled devices like the heos 1 are not supposed to be account bound, right? Then how come when i log in with my account I see the devices but with the other account I don't? The wlan is always the same.


Thanks for any advice.