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How do I add my podcast to Spotify?


Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?

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Right now there is no way to submit podcasts to Spotify, but they are interested in your feedback.


If you would like to be able to submit podcasts to Spotify, give this idea a kudo to show your support:

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Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?


I already have my podcast in stitcher which is owned by Deezer, Just waiting for them to launch podcast feature within Deezer in my country.... 

If Spotify would allow us to add podcasts, then i would be great. I would jump over, but spotify considers the podcast that i work so hard to produce to be and spotify considers it as  second rate, sorry, when the podcast reaches a good following and spotify begs to add it, i will just say no, we were not good enought then, we aren't now for you 

Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?


What if you guys did a partership with podcasters.


Thats my ideas:
1- Allow the app to acces all the podcasts via feedproxy
2- Sponsor some of the top podcasts. They would do advertising for you.
Podcasts are a growing media. I live in Brazil and its growing fast here. Spotify should invest in it.

You see Netflix? They make their own content for the platform. This could also be a way of doing this. You could ask those podcasters to do some exclusive content for Spotify. You could even encourage them to voluntarily choose to be exclusivelly in Spotify.


As a consumer, I think that all of this would be awesome. It has the potencial to catalize the growth of this media and once it grew, you guys would have a lot of those podcasts and their money in your hands! Podcasts may be very profitable, you can bet it!


Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?


I would like to see this eature added. They would eat SoundCloud for lunch in this area. Many people, like myself, already have unlimited hosting (with regads to space) or cloud services (dropbox etc) and HATE PAYING SOUNDCLOUD.


If Spotify would allow us to add XML like iTunes, it would be AMAZING.

Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?

That really sucks! My podcast is on iTunes but I'd love to share it with the Spotify audience too. I really hope they change their stance on this and start accepting podcast RSS feeds. Come on Spotify - get with the program!!

Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?


Google Play, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, and Blubrry are free to list your podcast. =)

Re: How do I add my podcast to Spotify?


Why doesn't Spotify support the same "Podcasts" that iTunes does?  I thought they invented them.  Why can't I simply paste the url in someplace?  Spotify started so technologically advanced but you're slipping.