How do I import Itunes playlists


How do I import Itunes playlists



I'm new at Spotify and i cant import my playlists from Itunes into Spotify. When i click *File -> Import Playlist -> Itunes* nothing happens.

Please help me


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Try following this


Import playlists from iTunes

You can import your iTunes playlists to Spotify easily:

First, make sure your playlists have been shared from iTunes. To do this:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Head to Preferences.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Tick Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.

Then, open Spotify and import your playlists:

  1. Click on File in the menu bar.
  2. Select Import Playlists from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click iTunes.

Now you’ll see all your iTunes playlists added in a playlist folder called iTunes.

Note: Spotify supports .mp3, .mp4, and .m4p files. If QuickTime is installed on your computer then .m4a files are also supported. We’ll do our best to match any unsupported local files with songs from the Spotify catalog.


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Done all of that naturally, the Spotify program doesn't work with importing playlists from any media players it lists, just does nothing everytime, I tried it with itunes open and closed, restarted pc, checked for updates, reinstalled itunes, reinstalled spotify, no luck, simple feature to have broken more than it works.

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Same here, no iTunes folder is created...

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+1 - still doesn't work

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I get the iTunes folder with only two of my iTunes playlists - one of which contains songs that I don't know.  Very frustrating!


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What about an alternative for Mac users?

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I keep my iTunes folder (and therefore the Playlist) on an external drive. Maybe Spotify is only looking in the default location?

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The problem, I believe, is that Spotify won't import smart playlists from iTunes.

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I've done it!!!!!!


Right here goes....bit long winded but it will work!


1) Make a copy of the songs (your playlist) in a seperate folder on the desktop by simply copy/paste from itunes into a "New Folder"....Name it whatever you like...


2) On Spotify go to Preferences/Settings and scroll down to "ADD A SOURCE"


3) A window should open to ask you which file/folder you want to add to spotify. Choose the "New Folder" that contians all the songs from your playlist and click "Open"


4) The "New Folder" should be on the list of sources that Spotify is looking at. Untick every other source on the list - Don't worry, you're not deleting anything, simply covering it from view. Once we're done you can re-tick everything and it'll appear again


5) Still in spotify...Open a blank Playlist (Probably File then New Playlist?) and name it.


6) Still in Spotify....go to "Your Library" and then Local files. You should see all the Songs on there from your "New Folder".  Select them all with Cmd-A (or for you dirty Windows people CTRL-A), go to your new playlist that you've just named and paste them into it! Done!


Remember to re-tick all the sources again once you're done!!!!