I can't log in on Web Player


I can't log in on Web Player

Gig Goer

About a half hour ago, I was in the middle of listening to music on the Web Player in another tab, when all of a sudden, I got logged out out-of-nowhere (I didn't touch anything, I was working in another tab), and now I can't log back in. I keep getting alternating error messages. One says, "Authentication Failed," and the other just says my ID and/or password is wrong. I use my Facebook account to log in, so I logged out of my Facebook account, then logged back in on it, without any problem. My log-in information was correct. I tried using the Desktop player and it works fine. I was able to log in on it with my Facebook account without any problem, so it's just the Web Player giving me an issue.


I use Firefox v 54.0.1, but I also tried on Chrome, and it did the same thing and won't let me log in, so it has to be a Web Player issue.

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Re: I can't log in on Web Player

Casual Listener

I've also been getting kicked out halfway through a song. This is pretty annoying when I've been listening all day and have to deal with this. I was unfortunate of having the log in issue the other day. It seems as though this web player is getting glitchy-er as the days go on.