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I can't share music in instagram stories


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this on the Community.


We are currently working with Instagram to make this option available for everyone soon!


Right now we cannot provide an exact timeframe on when it's going to be out to everybody.


In the meantime, we recommend you keep both your apps updated.


Thanks for your patience!

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Re: I can't share music in instagram stories

Casual Listener

The "Share to Instagram Stories" was never available to my phone.. 


Already tried to re-install both Spotify and Instagram to the latest version, still doesn't have that feature. 


Phone: Sony Xperia XA Ultra (F3212 | Android 7.0)

Spotify Version:

Instagram Version:


Re: I can't share music in instagram stories


There isnt any option to share to instagram stories in main menu of share. Still waiting for new update to fix my spotify

Re: I can't share music in instagram stories


 Device model : Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/ android version 8.0.0

Spotify app version:

Instagram app version :

Please help this issue



Re: I can't share music in instagram stories


I have the same problem.

My Spotify and instagram are updated. My cell phone is a Moto G5 (S) Plus - Android 8.1 Oreo

Country: Brazil

Sporify: Premium

Please, fix it


Re: I can't share music in instagram stories

Casual Listener

Hi! I also can't share spotify to my IG stories. Tried reinstalling both a couple of times but still not working. My boyfriend and I have the same device and when I log in to my Spotify account in his phone it allows me to share to IG stories. Please help me out. Thanks!


Plan: Premium

Country: United Kingdom. But currently in the Philippines

Device: Samsung S9

Spotify Version:


Re: I can't share music in instagram stories


I have never seen the option tried to remove both apps and install them didn't work




Samsung galaxy S8 SM-950F

The Netherlands

Re: I can't share music in instagram stories

Casual Listener

I had Samsung note 8 before and this feature didn't work on it. I was told it was my device or some generic spill of I'm part of a test group.." 

I upgraded to Samsung note 9 and still no go. 

Odd part is (which also rules out both of the device and test acc isdues) is that if I log on to Spotify with my partner's phone with my (facebook) logins and totIG the feature works!

We have family sharing. 


I have updated both apps and restarted my phone, no change. 

Samsung Note 9 

IG version:

Spotify version:


Re: I can't share music in instagram stories

Casual Listener

Model: samsung galaxy s8

Instagram updated

Spotify version :

Instagram version72.

 Still cannot share to instastories

Re: I can't share music in instagram stories


I am not able to share songs directly from Spotify to my Instagram story. Both apps are updated with the newest possible versions, but so far there is only an option to share a song from Spotify to Instagram direct. I've tried reinstalling both apps but it didn't help. 
Spotify app version
Instagram app version
My device: Huawei Honor 9.

Re: I can't share music in instagram stories


Hello I have never seen that option too before 


Phone: Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro

Spotify Version: 8.4.82. 664

Instagram Version: