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I turned 29 and the ads are 100% about having a baby


I turned 29 and the ads are 100% about having a baby


I'm a woman, and the 6 months leading up to my 29 birthday the ads on spotify were pampers/other diaper ads about 50% of the time. Now, literally the day after my 29th birthday, every single ad that plays is about how I've "been planning for this day my entire life" and an ad for the hospital I should have my baby in. Let me be clear, I am NOT pregnant, nor am I googling anything about having a baby. I haven't even been to a baby shower in the last year. And, no, I haven't been "planning this day my entire life". I find it offensive that these ads play CONSTANTLY. I have turned off targeted ads etc. in the account settings. How do i get this to stop?? I don't want to be reminded every time i listen to spotify of the pressure of society to play a traditional role as a woman and start a family. I don't mind listening to ads about anything else! Is there an answer aside from upgrading to premium? It doesn't seem fair that I have have upgrade to avoid this. 

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Betreff: I turned 29 and the ads are 100% about having a baby

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Hey @lilynoga!


I'm sorry you don't enjoy your Spotify experience anymore.

I totally understand your arguments, your time on Spotify definitely should not give you any pressure on changing the way you are, or fulfilling a traditional role.

Could you let me know if only such advertisements appear or if there are also ads for other products/topics?


I'd be happy to help.


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