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Incorrect album contents for Wolfgang Haffner's "Best Of"


Incorrect album contents for Wolfgang Haffner's "Best Of"


artist: Wolfgang Haffner
title: Signature Edition 4


ref. from official record label (ACT Music):

In Spotify's database there are many inconsistencies to the actual album.

e.g. track #2 on actual CD is 'Faithless' while Spotify lists 'Slowfoot' and many more such inconsistencies if you try to match the list from the above link to what can be seen inside Spotify.

Moreover, this is a 2 CD set of total 24 tracks. Spotify lists only 14 tracks (probably only CD1).

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Re: Incorrect album contents for Wolfgang Haffner's "Best Of"

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You can report any content errors/issues such as these directly to the Spotify content team using the instructions outlined in this topic. Once you have submitted a query, the content team will investigate and then pass any needed details over to the record label to request a correction/change if needed (so it can take some time unfortunately!).

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