Is it okay to link to a spotify playlist from a (commercial) ebook


Is it okay to link to a spotify playlist from a (commercial) ebook


Hi guys, 

I'm a self publishing author. In my new novel I'd like to include a spotify playlist of songs that are closely related to the story but I'm wondering if I am stepping on any toes with this regarding copyrights/commercial use or else? 


Some background:

It's a german novel to be released for the german/swiss/austrian market via kindle direkt publishing. A big part of the plot is something along the lines of a musical scavenger hunt. Of course I don't quote directly from the songs because of copyright reasons but the story would benefit a lot if I could provide the reader with an accompanying spotify playlist so that he/she can listen to the songs that are discussed (would be around 10 songs total). To do this I'd like to include a link to this playlist at the beginning of the book. 


Can anyone tell me if it is okay to use spotify playlists in such a way? Since everyone who wants to listen to it still needs to pay for premium or deal with the ads I'm assuming it should be fine. But I would really appreciate any input on this!


Thanks a lot!