Is there no "saved" song list anymore


Is there no "saved" song list anymore

Casual Listener

So I've just discovered this 10,000 song nonsense and while trimming my song count I've just noticed to my distaste a few things.

Why is it I need to like songs individually? Sure if I like an album it's kinda implied I like the songs in it, no? And putting that aside why is there not a list or section for saved music as well as liked playlist I like to just shuffle my music but now I find I need to through all of these albums and like each song. Maybe I'm missing something but that's a bit stupid. When I remove albums I also need to remove the songs individually also? Why bother having the remove album button if you need to go in a remove the songs separately. How is it the price goes up but the service quality goes down? Or is it being part of the 1% means you put up or shut up. 

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