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Issue with recommended playlists after hacking


Issue with recommended playlists after hacking


A few months ago my account was in use by what I assume (based on music interests) was a french person. I guess it was hacked, but I can't understand why, as I wasn't paying for a subscription at the time. I did the log out of all devices thing, changed my password and also the e-mail adress linked to my account. For the last action I got a verification e-mail from Spotify in french, which is neither my first or second language, and I have certainly never changed the language settings to french in my account. I haven't logged onto someone else's device at parties etc. in years and have "logged out of all devices" after that. 


I haven't had any trouble with my listening sessions being interrupted by anyone else using my account since then, except for one thing: One of the daily mixes is dedicated to french trap! I even gave the genre a shot, but it didn't tickle my fancy. I removed all the tracks listened to by my hacker, but Spotify still recommends this music to me. 


Is there any way to remove these recommendations or must I just give in and become a trap-natic or trap-porter? I really like the Daily Mix lists and would like some other genre to be the first one suggested.

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Re: Issue with recommended playlists after hacking

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Rock Star 16

Hey @afterlaugh


I'm glad you got this 'hacker' off your account. :)
Kind of strange that they took a free account on...


Anyhow, there are no ways on how to get rid of this French trap specifically, but one thing that may work is listening to a distinctive genre or subgenre in a concentrated way. I've witnessed some of my Daily Mixes turn into Renraku-based playlists after listening to a lot of music released under Renraku.

In the end, as the algorithm sees that you're not interested in that stuff, it will replace that with something else. That may take a bit of time, I can't tell how much, really.


You could try 'banning' all the music under this French Trap mix, but you might end up with an empty mix.


Note: if you're still having French Spotify emails, one thing that could help against this is going to Spotify website, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the country name with the flag. There you can choose the country you're in.


Hope this helps :)

SebastyRock Star 16
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Re: Issue with recommended playlists after hacking


Oh, it seems it is as I expected. I will try patience!


Thanks for your reply though!