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Itunes Playlist Sync Doesnt Keep Orig Imported Songs


Itunes Playlist Sync Doesnt Keep Orig Imported Songs

Casual Listener

I would like some clarification on playlist control so I can decide which music service to choose going forward between Spotify and Apple Music.


Brief history:


I was originally subscribed to AM but I wanted to try Spotify as my library became buggy and some songs wouldn’t play nor was Sonos support available at the time. I liked how Spotify player worked and synced instantly on multiple devoices so I decided to switch. Once I made the switch, I imported my ITunes playlists in to Spotify and had no problems at the time. Obviously I shortly cancelled my AM subscription and went exclusively with Spotify.


The Issues:


Some months later I started experiencing problems with the playlists across number of devices. New devices would not show majority of the playlists contents. The original laptop where I synced the ITunes playlists showed all music but all tracks were greyed out. Some other devices had a mix of both issues. It was very inconsistent and Spotify support struggled to work out what the issue was after several support sessions.


Spotify have now concluded that the issue with songs missing / being greyed out is the fact that the AM were local files that then got removed when I cancelled my AM subscription. It’s worth noting that at the time some music was ‘downloaded’ but other songs were still stream based in my AM library.


I have now had to resort to taking another side subscription of AM to recover my playlists. ITunes has now added all the AM songs back into my playlists that were removed when I cancelled my previous subscription. Spotify has now picked this up and all my playlists are re-synced.


So the main question is – based on a pretty simple logic that I’m not going to proceed with 2 music services – how do I now keep the playlists that Spotify has generated based on my iTunes library if I chose to cancel AM? None of the songs are local files. Surely the whole point in importing iTunes playlists is to be able to switch music service provider? All it should take is a list of music I have in a playlist and match it to Spotify’s own library. There shouldn’t be an ‘active’ sync with iTunes once an import is performed.


If this is not possible then I will have to switch back to AM permanently in order to keep my playlists.

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Re: Itunes Playlist Sync Doesnt Keep Orig Imported Songs

Casual Listener

Anyone from Spotify fancy chiming in??