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Just a message for your programmers...


Just a message for your programmers...

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Forward a message to your programmers please:



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Re: Just a message for your programmers...

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This isn't really an idea, but I'm sure the Dev team is grateful about your message :)

Re: Just a message for your programmers...

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So awesome at releasing horribly buggy, incomplete features which have caused hundreds of posts of complaint in the past couple of weeks, to which they've belatedly responded "we don't care".


There really needs to be a negative karma option on these things.

Re: Just a message for your programmers...

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Hey there,

I've moved your post from the ideas exchange to another board (Help -> Other). Please only use the ideas section to submit new ideas, as stated in our idea submission guidelines. This still might not be the right place for this topic but the one that would fit best (and I don't have permissions for other boards to move :D)


Thanks for your feedback!

Re: Just a message for your programmers...

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Hey @AllenJB

Thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. Which device and version of Spotify are you having troubles with? Also, what exactly appears to be the trouble? (The more info you can provide the better).

I'd be more than willing to help out and take a look at things for you. Just shout my name and I'll come running. ;)


Re: Just a message for your programmers...

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Devices: All of them

Version: Whatever is current


I've explained my problems (apparently all related to Connect multiple times. It's not going to be fixed until the developers either turn the feature off until it's working correctly, or add in a switch so I can turn it off manually (which doesn't turn off other features and doesn't auto-reset every 30 days, a la "offline mode")


The best answer we've got so far from @Meredith is "Spotify doesn't care what you want - it's not in our pipeline and we don't think we have enough feedback, so go vote and comment on these other issues". Frankly, that's just a tad (hint: sarcasm here!) below the standards I expect as a paying customer (I could maybe understand it if it only seemed to be a small number of people, but there's literally dozens of threads with hundreds of posts from a wide range of people, and more created every day) and as I've already explained, I've already started looking at alternatives.