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LOST! Waiting list (>100 songs) disappeared since last update...


LOST! Waiting list (>100 songs) disappeared since last update...


Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

Since my version of Spotify was updated automatically when I closed Spotify my entire waiting list was gone.

When I opened Spotify again there was not a single song in the waiting list nor in the history any more (I've added more than 100 songs to the waiting list within the last few weeks and I can't recreate it just like that).


So is there any possibility to set back the account to the point before Spotify updated or to get back all the songs from the waiting list?


Gratefull for any suggestion

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Re: LOST! Waiting list (>100 songs) disappeared since last update...


Hey @julian_grande, help's arrived. 


Just to be clear, by waiting list, do you mean the play queue as described here? If so, it will not be saved after updates, since the play queue is not seen as something static. For the purpose of creating a desired order of tracks, we suggest you creating a playlist instead. 


If you meant something else, give us a more specific example and clarify so we can help you out. 


All the best! :)

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