Listening on multiple devices at same time


Listening on multiple devices at same time

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I have a new spotify account.  I am experimenting with a premium account or a family account.  Either way, I listen several different ways:


via Sonoa

via the app on my PC

on my iphone with the app


Up to now, any time I am listening on one device and I start on another, it kicks me off the first device.  Example:  I leave the house and am listening to spotify on my PC. When I get in my car and start spotify on my iphone, the stream on my PC stops.


Am I doing something wrong?  This seems like a deal breaker for me, especially if I'm paying $15/month for the family plan....



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Re: Listening on multiple devices at same time


Hi there,


Thanks for your post.


As Spotify is for personal use, it's not possible to stream music on different devices at a time using the same login.


No need to worry though, since you're on Premium for Family, you can add up to 5 subaccounts to your plan. To do this, first I would suggest creating an account for each of your devices and then add them to the plan. More information about doing this can be found here