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Local Files on Windows 8 Phone


Local Files on Windows 8 Phone

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I would like to know why my local files are not syncing on to my Windows 8 Phone, I had an Android previous to this phone and my local files could be found on that. I am guessing they should also sync onto my Windows 8 phone


On a side point, I have encountered one to many issues with Spotify in recent months, something I, as a paying consumer, am not happy about. I influenced my friends to get Spotify when it came out in Ireland and in the last couple of months, they to are starting to encounter problems. I hope Spotify get a grip of themselves as it is a good programme, however their development on Windows 8 Phone has been nothing but appalling. I hope to see improvements soon, or I will be forced to take my money elsewhere, as will my friends and many others I am sure.

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Re: Local Files on Windows 8 Phone

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Windows Phone does not currently support local files, you can add your Kudos to this idea though :) Currently, it is on "Not Right Now" status. 

Hope this helped :)

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