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Make local files available on all devices + let us cast them through Chromecast

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Make local files available on all devices + let us cast them through Chromecast


1. As the title already says, give us Premium users the ability to listen to our local songs on EVERY device we login, not just phones. I mean why are we even paying for a "Premium" account if we cant even have this simple feature (that other platforms do have like Google Music). I know Spotify just wants to make money and they aren't getting it if people upload their own songs. Maybe you should make it more attractive for artists to upload their music so its not missing from Spotify and people dont have to get it somewhere else (pay them more money etc.), just an idea.


2. So now Spotify gave us the ability to upload our own songs so we can listen to them (only on 1 computer and phones). But for some reason I can't listen to these songs through my Chromecast (which again other platforms allow you to do). Just why? It doesnt make any sense, the songs are on my phone, I downloaded them for offline use. So why not allow us to play them through a Chromecast?

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Re: Make local files available on all devices + let us cast them through Chromecast


It's not possible, and it's extremely frustrating too.


I think this is the final thing that will make me give up on Spotify and switch to Google Play Music instead.


The subscription cost is the same, and their library is huge and growing, while the integration between Chrome browsers, Phones, Drive Stream and other local library sources is improving every day.


Also, you can actually purchase music you really love through the Play store rather than just rent it.


It's ridiculous. The subscription cost is the same regardless of where we stream from, so why should we be prevented from casting local files?


Spotify is amazing, but this inability to cast local files is an absolute Spotify killer for me. A fair amount of the music I already own is simply not available on Spotify, meaning I can't listen to it without switching to a different app entriely.