Marantz Spotify Connect vs Airplay issue


Marantz Spotify Connect vs Airplay issue

Casual Listener

Just a big i have discovered - if you play your tracks to the M-CR611 via connect (eg using an iphone as your playlist and connecting on MCR611 as an amplifier this is great IMG_5516.jpgas an amplifier via connectIMG_5517.jpgas an airplay receiverIMG_5518.jpgnow only airplay receiver listable- then i discovered something - i tried comparing it to the spotify airplay by switching the deistination for the spotify to Airplay - (to be honest theres almost no discernible difference) but wanting the freedom of my phone back i discovered that the Marantz was no longer selectable as an amplifier.....


The only way i could get this to work again was to turn on spotify app on Amazon Firestick, start controlling this as a fresh amplifier which then allowed the Marantz amplifier to be selectable again - a strange bug indeed as leads to delays in connection