More Windows Phone issues... offline mode.


More Windows Phone issues... offline mode.


Right now, it's getting to the point none of my playlists "Play"

I go to playlists, choose a song to start playing, it plays; and....   that's it!  Nothing else plays.


Also, I am annoyed about the fact that the times it used to play continuously, I'd be looking through songs and I'd accidentally play a song without wanting to, completely messing up my play-queue (even when the song belonged to the same list)!  Ok I can adjust my phone's sensitivity toward accidental touch true, but why lose my play-queue is what I don't understand?


I want to be able to go to my lists and choose to play a song, and make it appear as the "next song" in queue, not as "a first song" if you know what I mean.


And what is it with not wanting to play a list in "offline" mode!?  If I tap on a song that's not allowed offline, that means I want to go to online mode and pay the song!  Why am I being told that it can't play because it is in offline mode!?

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I can't get any playlists offline. I spend hours downloading a 1500 track playlist. I close the app, open it, put it into offline mode, and my tracks a no longer available offline. It actually tries to re-sync all of them every time I close and open it. How useful is that when I have no internet? Yet, my phone memory is still full of the downloaded tracks. What am I paying £10 for? Essentially miss selling a product, offering a service that I can't actually use.

Some form of quick scroll or ordering of playlists needs to be available. How have Spotify made this app worse?

Re: More Windows Phone issues... offline mode.

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@jamielarge - Are you storing data on your SD card? From reports there appears to be issues with Spotify storing data there, I would suggest trying internal memory?

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Re: More Windows Phone issues... offline mode.


There was no offline probs with version 2 even all my music was on the SD card with WP8.1. Version 3's functionality sucks though it has a cool interface.

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Peter, I'm aware that using the internal memory will solve the issue. But when I only have 1.5GB of internal left and I have playlists that are 1500+ I can't realistically put much on there. I bought a 32GB SD so I could use Spotify offline with all of my music. The old version of Spotify allowed me to do this even if it was a backward app. Just wish they told us, so I wouldn't have updated.

Re: More Windows Phone issues... offline mode.


I just picked up a Nokia Lumia 520 for $44 on Amazon to replace an aging iPod in my vehicle, in particular to listen to Spotify offline.  


I installed the app on the SD card, and had the same issue mentioned here (and in several other threads), where it APPEARED that my offline playlists had properly synced, but i then found that they would not play offline a little while later. The app wanted me to connect to the internet, at which point it would seemingly start to sync again.  Thing is, it would quickly "sync" the tracks up to a point, I guess skipping over ones it realized were already stored, but when it would slow down, which was usually when it had gone through 100 tracks,  I could toggle the offline mode switch on and off a couple of times  and it would quickly finish scanning and syncing and be ready to go again.


However, if the phone went to sleep or you stopped the app and restarted, the process had to be done all over again.  The other thing I noticed was that the setting I had selected for the download music quality, Extreme, would also reset to Normal each time the app was restarted.  


Anyway, after seeing this thread, I just uninstalled it and reinstalled on the internal storage, and it seems to be working fine.  Problem is, that little phone only has 8GB of internal storage, 3 of which is already used up by random stuff, so I cannot sync some of my larger playlists.  For now, I will just store a few to get me by and wait for an update which will hopefully allow us to move the app back to the SD card without any issues.

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Am at the verge of dropping spotify and using Nokia mixradio.. I'm not paying €10 a month to use spotify on my phone while the app wont allow my to actually listen to music..