Multiple accounts, same network


Multiple accounts, same network

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My brother and I both have separate account, yet the same Wi-Fi network, and for some reason his account info (his playlists, recently listen to, and favorites) has been bleeding into my account, completely messing up my weekly playlist, my playlists, and my saved songs, as well as my recommend.


If there is a way to prevent this I would greatly appreciate the help!




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Re: Multiple accounts, same network

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Hey @Mattbatcraz! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's really strange.


It sounds like that he is using your account on his devices. There is no way that he could influence your favourites and other account activities just because you're using the same network.

Make sure that he isn't using your account on one of his devices. 


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


Re: Multiple accounts, same network

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The weirdest thing is he's not, he's using his own account, but for some reason my account is picking up his accounts stuff.


(Example, he listens to EXO, I've never heard of them, yet they are on my playlists.)