Music available in my country changes daily / inconsistent


Music available in my country changes daily / inconsistent


For the past few days (when I signed up), all songs were available to me on all my playlists, whether when my account was initially a Norway account or after it was a US account (changed for payment).  I currently live in Norway but use my US credit card to pay for my premium account.

I was shocked this morning to open the PC player to notice that many many songs on my playlists were grayed out saying "not available in the United States" (my account country) even though they were there and available yesterday.


I figured it was something to do with my country setting, so I changed my payment and country to Norway.

I then looked in the top 20 tracks of Norway playlist (managed by Spotify) and even all of those songs weren't available in Norway.  Specifically I noticed Eminem's "The Monster" wasn't available even though it had been all week, is in the Norwegian top 20 list, and gets heavy airplay here.


To make it even stranger, if I were to search on this song directly, I can play it fine (no license / unavailability issues).

There seems to be an issue with country availability with Spotify, and if songs that were available one day are gone the next, then Spotify is providing inconsistent service.  This needs to be sorted out and fixed!!  Why would songs that were available one day be gone the next, and be playable individually but not in a playlist!

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Keep in mind that sometimes the songs/ albums are in grey even they are available. I was fooled by this bug many times 🙂

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