My Starred Playlist has gone with 300+ songs impossible to recover


My Starred Playlist has gone with 300+ songs impossible to recover


Hello Spotify community.


I want to address you all, just to understand that if it is something with me or not but it seems that Spotify support is unable to sort this for me back in April after 1 year of being Spotify premium , I went back to free version of it, and then something happenned, out of the blue my starred playlist songs had gone, dissapeared, vanished, nada.


So I contact spotify back in that time, and didn't get any kind of response in the chat, I let time pass, I decided to come back and do another contact this time, I succeeded on chatting with the assistant, but it seems like he was agreeing with everything at all, but in the end did nothing, the only thing he gave me was 1 month of spotify premium and this was at the beginning of June, he told me that my playlist would soon be fixed and I would retrieve back all my songs of it, well as you can see me writing in here right now, that is because nothing was fixed, I would have preferred not having got any kind of gift (Spotify premium) and gotten back all the 300+ songs that I spent while being Spotify Premium collection into a giant playlist.


Now it is August 2017, tired of waiting for any kind of response back of Spotify I decided to contact them again, which they did reply after I emailed them to, and I had many responses back, which said they can't do anything for me, because the starred playlist has been deprecated, and dropped and won't be coming back, and I asked them but if you are a multimillionaire company can't you through backoffice see all the songs I played back from the creation of my account?


They didn't reply, and if I even manage to do this solution I'm showing to them I would have to spent many hours again to find back again all those songs I liked once upon a time.... which is really stupid.


Against this ineptitude of Spotify I saw this post here:


which shows that other people had the same situation but for those people it was fixed, but not for me, they even gave me again 1 month of Spotify premium as a gift for my troubles, so that they could shut me up, I could careless for 1 month Spotify Premium all I want are my starred playlist or a new playlist with all the songs that were in there.


The most stupidest part of all this that is happenning is that I asked them, where is the page on the website that states that starred playlist was about to be dropped and removed? They didn't answer all they told me is that I looked into my spam folder to see if there were any notification that the starred playlist was going to be removed, I told them that they never sent any sort of email of that type.


The problem is that we the users weren't notified concerning this, and then we get screwed, and Spotify can't fix a thing, it is beyond words, and the worst thing of all is that they think they can fix offerring 1 month of Spotify Premium not even if they would give me a lifetime membership I would be happy about this, all I want is my 300+ songs playlist back because the recover playlist doesn't work for the starred playlist, so fix it asap, more than 4 months waiting for this issue fixed.