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My saved tracks are gone


My saved tracks are gone


Today I was listening to Spotify while driving in my car when it suddenly stopped playing for no reason. I've had some Spotify bugs when connected to my car before and usually I solve it by switching from Bluetooth to USB and back to Bluetooth again and all works fine.


Anyway, I did this today and it started playing a song I never heard in my entire life. I picked up my phone to check it and it was a french song. I then proceeded to my library to play my saved songs again and when I opened it there were 13 frenchs songs from various artists that I've never seen before and my entire music collection of about 200+ songs was completely gone.


I tried to log out and log in, I tried to open my account on PC, I tried to delete all the french songs that were saved to my account but my songs are not coming back. Has anyone ever had this problem? Will I really have to browse through Spotify again and save 200+ to my account all over again? Can Spotify recover my saved songs in a similar way to how they recover playlists?


My playlists are all fine by the way, it's simply the saved songs that are gone.

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Re: My saved tracks are gone

Spotify Legend

Hey @centbr, help's here. 


If you notice that music has been added to your account which you've never heard before, and some of your own music is gone, your account might be used somewhere else. 


We suggest that you go through this help article, which explains the next steps you need to take. 


Hope that helps, and let us know if there's anything else!


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