New pink floyd album


New pink floyd album

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Released November 10 2014.......plz add to spotify
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Re: New pink floyd album

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Hey there,

Unfortunately, Spotify can't decide which music is avaible. If there's an artist/album/song missing, it might be that the label/legal owner doesn't want it to be on Spotify (anymore) or it is not available in your country. So, just wait until the 10th of November and then - in case it is not available on Spotiy - I suggest reaching out to the label and ask why this album is not on the platform.


PS: For the next time, please don't use the ideas section for requesting music. Theres an open form here where you can request music (which doesn't mean it will be added to Spotify.. it's still up to the label if they want their music to be streamed).

Re: New pink floyd album

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Topic moved to Help - Other has it isn't an idea but a music request.

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Re: New pink floyd album

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Hello there! So I'm pretty sure the album will be added on the next #NewMusicTueday that is November 11. Meanwhile you may want to check the new Pink Floyd release of their new album here:


Enjoy and happy Spotifying!