New to Sonus/Spotify....Confused?


New to Sonus/Spotify....Confused?


Brand new to Spotify Premium and Sonos...where can I get basic instructions on how to use the Sonos/Spotify interface (for example, set up playlists, "star" songs, albums, etc.)? No place to do settings in what level of streaming audio gets sent to it 320 automatically or do u have to set up on the Spotify PC screen?


Appears lots of features, radio, etc. NOT on Sonos...are there settings to fix that or is there simply less features on Sonos? If so, why does it require Premium if u can't get all features?


Do I have to figure out to set up Playlists, radio and "stars" in PC version and then it automatically is accessible in Sonos? If so, where are all those instructions?


Am REALLY confused in NJ, USA...thx for any guidance!

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Re: New to Sonus/Spotify....Confused?

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yeah you need to set up playlists and star etc in the PC client and then they appear on the Sonos controller(s). Otherwise if you know what you want to hear you can just search by artist/song/album in the Sonos control and add it to the Sonos queue for playing straight away.

Spotify Radio is only just available on iOS - it is yet to come to any other non-desktop platform
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