Offline mode date counter will not reset


Offline mode date counter will not reset

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I am a new Premium subscriber, and very enthusiastic about Offline Mode for my daily commute. My problem is that when I switch from Offline Mode to Online Mode and back again, the date counter does not reset to "Go Online Within" 30 days.

Based on some searches on this board, I have tried a number of troubleshooting steps: (1) searching and streaming while in online Mode before switching to Offline Mode; (2) signing in and out of my account; and (3) deleting and re-installing the app (the last at the suggestion of spirit support.

The single thread I found that squarely addressed this issue resolved itself when the user got to 0 days, was told to go online immediately, and then went online. I do not want to wait until I get to 0 days. Any tips, ideas, thoughts? Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Offline mode date counter will not reset

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I suggest you contact support. They might be able to help you with this


If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the help section or the community, you need to reply back to it.


Support usually replies within 24-48 hours.